Energy efficiency legislation for drive technology

Information on product declaration

Just how important energy-efficiency legislation is for equipment and plants is best described in Directive 2005/32/EEC of the European Parliament and the Council from July 6, 2005. It creates a framework for defining the requirements placed on environmentally compatible design of energy-consuming products, and revises Directive 92/42/EEC of the Council as well as Directives 96/57/EEC and 2000/55/EEC of the European Parliament and the Council. Here is an excerpt from this directive:

Article 11

Requirements for components and sub-assemblies Implementing measures may require a manufacturer or its authorized representative placing components and subassemblies on the market and/or putting them into service to provide the manufacturer of a product covered by implementing measures with relevant information on the material composition and the consumption of energy, materials, and/or resources of the components or subassemblies.

Requirements of the EUP Directive relating to the
Lifecycle Assessment (Article 11):

  • Environmentally compliant design of energy-consuming products in order to comply with the increasing demand for energy

  • Information to operating companies regarding environmental aspects and properties of the components

  • Takes into account all phases of the product lifecycle according to the methods of the lifecycle assessment per ISO 14041

Requirements of the EUP Directive relating to the Lifecycle Assessment