SinaSave energy efficiency software: FAQs

Here please find a collection of answers to frequently asked questions regarding our innovative energy efficiency software SinaSave.

Registration process

1. How does the self registration process work for SinaSave?

- Start “Define access data”
- Define a User name and Password
- Enter a valid E-mail address
- Confirm the Response e-mail
- Log on with the user data

2. How long does the self registration take?

This is especially dependent on the mail server utilization, however, it generally takes just a few minutes (normally < 3 min.).

3. I have already registered for SinaSave 4.0. Do I still have to register myself?

For legal reasons, it is not permissible for the user data from SinaSave 4.0 to be transferred to SinaSave Web. As a consequence, in order to obtain access to SinaSave Web, you must register yourself (this takes approximately 3min.)

4. Will I be charged for SinaSave?

No. SinaSave is available at no charge.


5. Do I have to define a new login for SinaSave even though I already have access authorization for other Siemens Tools (e.g. SIZER WEB ENGINEERING or Mall)?

If you already have an SSO (Single Sign On) login, for example, for SIZER WEB ENGINEERING or Industry Mall, then you no longer have to register. You can start SinaSave Web with the access data that you already have. However, if you define a separate login for SinaSave, then it is possible that you can no longer use certain functions in SinaSave (for example, a customer price from the Industry Mall).


6. Can I still use the calculation that I generated with SinaSave 4.0 and locally saved?

SinaSave Web has an import function in order to import calculations that were generated with SinaSave 4.0.SinaSave - navigation bar under: > File > Import


7. Why can't I see a button in order to call customer prices from the Industry Mall or to order the product through the Mall?

The Mall-specific functions, such as calling customer prices or transferring an MLFB to the Mall Configurator, are only visible for users that have Mall authorization. If the functions that you have been told that you are getting are not listed in the SinaSave Web, although you have access to the Mall, then ensure that you have logged on with the user in SinaSave, who has Mall authorization.

8. Is SinaSave also available as app?

No. At the present time, there is no intention of providing the SinaSave functions as app.

9. Can I also use SinaSave as technical engineering/configuring tool to select and dimension drive components (e.g. converters)?

No! SinaSave is designed to show energy-saving potential and calculate payback times.SinaSave is not suitable for configuring and/or dimensioning frame sizes and/or components. In this case, please use the following tools:
- Sizer for Siemens Drives
- DT Configurator

10. What languages does SinaSave support?

SinaSave supports the following languages:
- German
- English
- French
- Italian
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Turkish
- Russian
- Chinese
- Japanese

11. What currencies does SinaSave support?

SinaSave supports the following currencies:
- Euro
- US Dollar
- Pound Sterling
- Indian Rupee
- Russian Rouble
- South African Rand
- Japanese Yen
- Brazilian Real
- Chinese Yuan Renmibi

12. What has to be taken into account for exchange rates and product prices?

The exchange rates are updated on a daily basis and are converted based on the Euro price. Please note that these prices are only approximate prices. Individual contractual conditions apply for the actual product price in a different currency!

13. How do I find the right contact person in sales?

In the SinaSave navigation bar under: > ? > Sales partneryou will be transferred to the Industry Contact database, which lists contact persons depending on the country and region.


14. Does SinaSave already calculate with the "new" efficiencies for fixed-speed motors?

The motors mapped in the Fixed Speed Drives module correspond to the following standards:
IEC 60034-30 und IEC 60034-2-1 (2007).
They are appropriately listed and the "new" efficiencies are used for calculation. This must be taken into account especially when making a comparison with third-party or existing products, as the efficiencies of motors according to IEC 60034-2-1 (2007), with respect to the old standard IEC 60034-2 (1997) are poorer (however, the motor remains physically unchanged).

15. For IE3 motors, why are incomplete MLFBs listed in some cases?

Many power stages from the range of standard motors are already available in the IE3 standard. Additional types will follow soon. Until these are released, these frame sizes will be mapped using main MLFBs.

16. Why are product prices no longer displayed in the High Torque Direct Drive module?

The prices for rare earths have massively increased and are very volatile. This is having a direct impact on the purchase prices for permanent magnets, so that presently and until further notice, no pricing information is available in SinaSave for these products. Individual inquiries are required for prices for HT-direct motors.
As result of this situation, all product prices in the SinaSave Module High Torque Direct Drive are set to "0€". However, statements regarding the energy efficiency of a direct drive when compared to a conventional drive system with gearbox can be made. It is only difficult to estimate the payback time, so that the actual customer prices must first be requested from sales, and then manually entered into the corresponding fields.

17. Which products are mapped in the Fixed Speed Drives module?

In the power range of standard motors, we offer our customers a wide range of voltages, winding versions and types of construction. As representative for the wide range of variants, versions for the voltage level 400 V (IEC) or 460 V (NEMA) and type of construction IM B3 are mapped in SinaSave. Information regarding energy-saving and payback time obtained by using SinaSave, can be transferred – to a great extent – to the product versions.

- Calculations can be made in the IEC motor area:
-- for energy efficiency classes IE1, IE2 and IE3
-- in the power range from 0.75 kW to 355 KW
-- with the product series 1LE10, 1LE15, 1LA8

- Calculations can be made in the NEMA motor area:
-- for the energy efficiency classes High Efficiency and Premium Efficiency
-- in the power range from 1.0 hp up to 400 hp
-- with the 1LE2 product series

18. Which products are mapped in the Variable Speed Drives module?

Variable Speed Drives Low Voltage:
- Line voltage, 230 V / 0,12-3.0 kW / SINAMICS G110
- Line voltage, 400 V / 0,37-900 kW / SINAMICS G120, SINAMICS G130, SINAMICS G150
- Line voltage, 500 V / 110-1000 kW / SINAMICS G130, SINAMICS G150
- Line voltage, 690 V / 75-2700 kW / SINAMICS G130, SINAMICS G150

Variable Speed Drives Medium Voltage:
- Line voltage, 3.3 kV / 200-3500 hp / Perfect Harmony
- Line voltage, 4.16 kV / 200-5162 hp / Perfect Harmony
- Line voltage, 6 kV / 300-7445 hp / Perfect Harmony
- Line voltage, 6.6 kV / 300-8000 hp / Perfect Harmony

19. Which products are mapped in the HT-direct module?

Drive system: Load connected to HT-direct SINAMICS G150
- HT-direct motors (1FW4) air cooled, 690 V
-- 150-1256 kW
-- 6000-23,000 Nm
- SINAMICS G150, 690 V
-- 126-1675 A (for increased pulse frequency 2.5 kHz for HT-direct)
-- 132-1950 kW

Drive system: Load at the gearbox with induction motor and SINAMICS G150
- N-compact induction motors (1PQ8) or H-compact induction motors (1PQ4), 690 V
-- 145-2300 kW
- SINAMICS G150, 690 V
-- 150-1948 A (for standard pulse frequency 2.0 kHz or 1.25 kHz)
-- 132-1950 kW p of page