SinaSave software

Energy savings calculator for energy-efficient drive technology

On the basis of your system parameters, our SinaSave software calculates how great the savings potentials are for your specific drive applications: savings of up to 70 percent are possible. We offer you this innovative and user-friendly software to calculate the energy efficiency and can be downloaded at no charge. SinaSave also functions as an energy savings calculator, showing you how quickly your investment in an energy-efficient motor for line supply operation or a frequency converter for variable-speed operation will pay off. Frequently, the payback period is just a few months.

For line operation, SinaSave’s energy savings calculator determines the cost saving and payback period for our energy-saving motors in the high efficiency classes IE3 (IEC) respectively Premium Efficiency (NEMA) compared with motors of standard efficiency classes IE2 and IE1 (IEC) respectively High Efficiency (NEMA), individually selected, or common motors – as part of a complete system analysis.

For converter operation, SinaSave takes into account all necessary plant- and system-specific parameters as well as the values required for the process. The program also analyzes other basic data including the number of operating days and shifts and the load profile throughout the day and year, which is crucial when calculating the potential energy that can be saved. On the basis of the system-specific data, our energy-efficiency software selects the optimal drive system, calculates the price of a suitable converter, and determines the energy requirement of the variable-speed drive system compared with all other alternative concepts.