SIRIUS switching and protection devices

Lower energy costs and less heat dissipated in the control cabinet

SIRIUS Innovations sets itself apart as a result of its extremely low intrinsic power loss. With the new generation of our extensive modular system, the intrinsic power loss was able to be again significantly reduced - on the average by 10 %. As a consequence, you not only reduce your energy costs, but you also reduce the amount of heat generated in the control cabinet. This means that you can achieve a higher packing density in the control cabinet and reduce the amount of cooling power required.


Our most energy-efficient contactors have an electronic coil control. This reduces the power loss by up to 92%

Soft starters

Our soft starters have an intelligent, integrated power bypass function. This reduces the power loss in operation by up to 92%

Overload relays

Our overload relays with electronic release instead of bimetal release are characterized by a wider setting range as well as an intrinsic power loss that has been reduced by up to 98%.

Compact starter

When compared to conventional branches, the power loss in our compact starter has been reduced by 80%. The basis for this is the product combination of the most efficient technologies in one device. In the “Identify” phase, all communication-capable switching and protection devices continually provide energy values without requiring any additional installation – e.g. to a higher-level energy management system, and therefore offer the required transparency of energy usage.