SIMATIC powerrate

Intelligent energy management for SIMATIC WinCC and SIMATIC PCS 7

At the plant level, the SIMATIC powerrate features impressive performance for the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system and the SIMATIC WinCC process visualization system. The software collects all energy-related consumption data within the plant and assigns it to the respective user. The data is clearly depicted and stored in an archive, thereby enabling any latent savings potential to be reliably identified – and thus optimizing energy consumption in a targeted manner.

Extensive functionality

Selected values can be monitored by connecting our power monitoring devices and switching and protection devices. Values that can be measured include, for example, active power and active energy, current, and voltage. Visualized load profiles provide you with a fast and precise overview of the usage.

User-friendly and reliable analysis and monitoring

Excel-based reports can show, for example, which individual cost centers or production batches the energy usage and costs are assigned to. This enables you to compare and analyze usage and costs and identify energy-saving potentials.

The integrated load management function supports you in maintaining the mean power values per period that you have negotiated with the power utility company. Up to 100 loads can be monitored using the settings in the priority list.

Well-conceived system architecture

The software collects usage data from the plant via field buses. The SIMATIC S7 compresses the data (mean values) and saves them in the memory in case of a communication failure.