Consistent, end-to-end low-voltage power distribution for greater energy efficiency

SENTRON measuring, switching, and protection devices

The consistent, end-to-end concept of communications-enabled products – such as the SENTRON PAC power-monitoring devices, from our portfolio for low-voltage power distribution – provides a solid basis for the acquisition, evaluation, and optimization of the power flow, providing professional energy management for effective cost savings.

SENTRON PAC power-monitoring devices and energy counters: always fully informed with smart measuring technology

Our SENTRON PAC3100/3200/4200 power-monitoring devices and SENTRON PAC1500 energy counters meter the energy values of incoming and outgoing feeders or individual loads in a precise, reproducible, and reliable manner. SENTRON PACs also deliver important measured values that can be used to analyze the status and quality of your power system. Thanks to their versatile communication capability, these devices can be readily integrated into higher-level automation and energy management systems so that measured data can be further processed.

What’s more, all SENTRON PAC power monitoring devices have digital inputs and outputs as standard equipment. As a result, switching devices as well as pulse counters for any media can be simply integrated into the energy-management system and the data appropriately evaluated.

SENTRON measuring, switching, and protection devices for low-voltage power distribution: more than just switching and protection devices

Our SENTRON 3WL air circuit breakers and SENTRON 3VL molded-case circuit breakers are far more than simple switching and protection devices. Depending upon the functionality required, they provide measured data and switching states to higher-level automation or management systems via standardized bus systems.

Our plug-in SENTRON 3NJ62 and 3NJ4 in-line switch disconnectors are not only used to protect plants and loads: they also provide current values from their integrated current transformers. Supported by the SENTRON PAC power-monitoring device or by the SIMOCODE pro motor management system, this data and additional status data (CLOSED/OPEN/fuse tripped) are transferred to the management level for processing: for example, to our SENTRON powermanager software or the SIMATIC powerrate add-ons for WinCC or PCS7.

All of these products play a role in sustainable energy optimization and help you achieve user-friendly, safe, and reliable operation as well as minimized maintenance.