Energy costs under control with PROFIenergy

Coordinated and central shutdown of loads

One key to reducing energy costs is to shut down loads that are not required during non-productive periods – as is the recording of measured energy values at low cost and in a granular fashion.

To achieve this, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) has developed a standardized data interface based on PROFINET. Using PROFIenergy, loads can be shut down centrally in a coordinated fashion independent of the manufacturer and device. Time-consuming manual switching is eliminated, so that energy can even be saved during short non-productive periods.

Using PROFIenergy, existing hardware and software can be simply integrated into the energy management system via PROFIenergy-compatible ET 200S power modules as well as function blocks in the controller. In conjunction with its I-Device functionality, PROFIenergy also allows complete plant and system sections to be shut down and powered-up again in a coordinated way. These function blocks, which can be subsequently loaded, ensure low associated configuration and engineering costs.