Energy-saving motors for all requirements

Energy-efficient motors

Energy-saving motors, energy-efficient motors or motor efficiency classes are some of the keywords used in the context of energy-efficient plants and systems. We can provide you with an extensive spectrum of energy-saving motors for use worldwide, including motors in aluminum and gray cast-iron construction in efficiency classes IE2 and IE3. Our portfolio covers voltages from 230 V to 13.2 kV as well as power ratings from 0.09 kW to 100 MW, and includes models complying with different national standards, for example NEMA. When compared to standard motors, our Premium efficiency motors have efficiency values up to 10% higher. This has been achieved through an innovative mechanical design and the use of special materials.

Our portfolio of energy-saving motors complying with the new international IEC 60034-30 standard is seamless from 0.75 kW up to the limit of the classification set by the standard at 375 kW. The motors are available in efficiency classes IE1 to IE3 – in NEMA Energy Efficient and NEMA Premium for the North American market.

We offer energy-efficient motors up to 690 V for both line and frequency converter operation, which perfectly match our SINAMICS frequency converters and SIRIUS motor starters. The IEC 60034-30 standard also applies to explosion-protected motors. Our new series of flameproof Loher motors (Ex d type of protection) with a high IE2 efficiency fulfills this standard and is available in a power range from 0.75 to 375 kW.