The management system for transparent energy accounting

The B.Data energy management system forms the basis for cost-effective, optimized energy management. Through this, we provide you with a comprehensive tool at the enterprise level. From monitoring to controlling, planning, and energy procurement –B.Data gives you complete transparency over your energy data. Energy-related costs can be allocated based on actual usage – a major advantage in heterogeneous system environments. Data can also be transmitted to the accounting system.

  • Energy controlling: B.Data offers comprehensive data collection and processing. It ensures transparent energy accounting and facilitates compliance with legal regulations – for example, monitoring and reporting of emissions.

  • Energy cost calculation: B.Data’s flexible allocation of tariffs and modeling of energy and electricity flows allow energy costs to be calculated and billed to cost centers based on actual usage.

  • Energy planning: B.Data provides an exact forecast of energy requirements and load profiles. This optimizes budget planning and enables ongoing production to be quickly adapted at any time if necessary – with maximum decision-making security.

  • Energy procurement: B.Data continuously delivers all relevant and current information about the amount of energy required throughout the day and over the course of the year, creating the basis for optimal conditions in energy procurement.