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Automation Solutions for the Entire Value Chain

The demanding requirements to be met in modern battery manufacturing pose a challenge for automation technology too. New technologies initially have to be tested in pilot systems before the resulting machines can be fully automated. Quality measurement systems are increasingly being integrated directly into individual machines, where they capture and process all relevant production data. These systems along with the SCADA/MES systems employed at operator and management level work together to help enhance quality and improve processes.

Innovative automation technology needs to cover every requirement in every development step. This demands maximum openness, continuity, scalability, modularity, compatibility and innovation. Totally Integrated Automation can meet all of these requirements efficiently by drawing on modern and innovative products from a comprehensive and integrated automation portfolio.

Automation solutions for process steps in battery manufacturing

Electrode coating

The coating process must produce a flexible, double-sided intermittent strip coating at up to 100 m/min. It is particularly important that the coating has a consistent thickness of 150-300µm with a tolerance of only 1-2µm. Siemens brings the required coating precision within reach with rapid and flexible control of the coating plant using SIMATIC S7SINAMICS DCC standard applications look after the control of the individual winders.

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Punching and slitting

Flexible shapes in A4 format need to be punched with sharp cut edges at up to 100m/min – without damaging the coating. Achieving this requires both highly consistent rotational speeds from the winding drives and maximum gearing precision. Siemens has a solution to offer in the form of a readily parameterizable SINAMICS standard application for winders with tension control and hole punching press. The drive concept is matched to the relevant requirement.

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What is the fastest way to stack 40 electrodes and 41 separator films in A4 format with micrometer-level accuracy? Siemens has an answer: a SIMATIC S7 controller for the Cartesian portal with vacuum grippers and two camera systems (stationary and mobile). The result is a smooth, highly dynamic motion with time-optimized travel paths.

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Factory automation

Siemens offers a complete package for the battery manufacturing operation of the future with its Product Lifecycle Management and Totally Integrated Automation. A comprehensive portfolio and shared database reduce time-to-market. Modern automation concepts facilitate successful line integration for better energy efficiency and productivity and quality optimization and process improvement through the capture, processing and evaluation of all key performance parameters.

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