Battery Manufacturing Process

Optimizing Battery Manufacturing with Totally Integrated Automation

The manufacture of electrodes, cells and modules/packs for large-format power batteries is still in its infancy. One thing, however, is already perfectly clear: the battery manufacturing operation needs to become faster and less expensive if lithium-ion energy storage technology is to establish itself successfully in the target markets. The sensitive chemistry of the cells means that these cost and time savings absolutely cannot come at the expense of quality, which needs to remain very high. The solution, therefore, lies in fully automating and integrating production lines.

The automation portfolio needs to provide comprehensive support for the development process, from the pilot system to in-line integration. Totally Integrated Automation from Siemens makes it possible to optimize all processes throughout the production line and across the entire lifecycle of the plant. Uniform data management, engineering and communication standards ensure that all production steps, from electrode manufacturing to cell assembly to pack mounting and final quality tests, are optimally coordinated.

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