Market and Opportunities

Excellent Prospects for Battery Manufacturers

Electromobility to change the world

Stricter CO2 regulations, rising gas prices, the growing importance of urban mobility and of course the numerous subsidy programs forefficient travel: car makers have no shortage of good reasons to make the ongoing development of hybrid and all-electric drives a top priority. Market researchers suggest that while the market for traditional components is likely to stagnate or even contract in the years through 2020, the value of the market for batteries and electrical and electronic components will expand to nearly one hundred billion euros over the same period. The coming decade will see numerous new battery factories appear, most of them – for cost and quality reasons – located close to their ultimate consumers.

Entry from sectors employing related technologies

This trend promises excellent prospects for manufacturers that already have years of experience perfecting the production of conventional batteries. At the same time OEMs with similar processes – such as the photovoltaics sector – are increasingly moving into this lucrative market. The technological expertise they already possess enables companies like these to make a rapid entry into battery manufacturing, a true market of the future. Thriving in the face of such competition means continuously cutting production costs and boosting production quality.

Your partner in all aspects of battery manufacturing

Siemens works with customers to develop automation concepts that enable them to manufacture batteries on an industrial scale in line with the price and quality requirements of the market. Our extensive technological expertise in fields including converting, handling, assembly and logistics makes us ideally qualified for the task.

Building on the comprehensive, standardized Totally Integrated Automation product range, we are able to cover every process step in battery cell production.

Every single Totally Integrated Automation component is perfectly tailored for effective and efficient project planning, rapid integration and commissioning, greater flexibility in production and high availability and energy savings. The benefits to be gained are particularly impressive where international markets are to be served and global service concepts are required.