Energy-efficient Production

In industry, energy-efficient production is becoming an increasingly crucial success factor – in all sectors. That’s why the goal must be to identify, evaluate, and consistently realize all cost-saving potential. Siemens’ portfolio for energy management in industry offers solutions that customers need to achieve this objective.

Totally Integrated Automation Portal

With the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), Siemens has redefined engineering. TIA Portal is by far the most intuitive, efficient, and proven engineering framework, enabling you to design all your automation processes optimally, from a single computer screen, along the entire value supply chain. Not only does this groundbreaking innovation allow you to work more efficiently, it increases both your productivity and your competitive advantage.

The keys to success for the process industry

From engineering and consulting to commissioning and modernization, from Distributed Control System to field devices, and whether you need process instrumentation and analytics, weighing and dosing technology, or anything relating to process safety, our portfolio offers improved productivity and efficiency in process automation. The best example is our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, which leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to performance and functionality.

Environmental Care

The Industry Sector is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative, environmentally friendly products and solutions for industry customers. In this way we increase our customers‘ competitive strength and make an important contribution to environmental protection at the same time with our energy-efficient products and solutions.

Safety Integrated

At Siemens our focus on functional safety is a tradition. As early as 1880, Werner von Siemens recognized that ensuring the safety of automated processes is both a human obligation and makes economic sense. Maintaining this tradition, we are very active in developing technologies for functional safety for industry and promoting advances in this field.

360 degrees of industry

Get the app that gives you a unique perspective:  a spectacular 360-degree view of the production facilities just by turning your iPad or moving your finger across the screen. Siemens Perspectives Magazine is an innovative app that gives you access to information, data, facts, figures and slideshows that can help you to optimize your production processes. Discover the many ways that modern companies are combining productivity with efficiency.