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The contour calculator (contour editor) SINUMERIK Operate

The complete scope of functions of the contour calculator is provided in ShopMill/ShopTurn and in the programGUIDE.

The contour calculator is activated via the softkeys "Mill / turn contour", "New Contour" and by assigning a freely definable name for the contour to be generated. After selecting the machining plane and a suitable starting point which can be approached by the machine, the options linear and circular contour path are provided for selection. Linearly, the contour can be drawn in the X direction, the Y direction or obliquely in the XY direction. Circles can be defined as full circles or as circular segments, according to the requirement stated.

Startpoint contour

When generating linear or circular contours, you need not state all coordinates in the X and Y direction. This is particular useful if these result from the angle and one of the following data and would have to be calculated otherwise. This shows the great advantage of the contour calculator. This task is reliably performed by the SINUMERIK Operate controller, and you can simply use the dimensions from, for example, a drawing, and the missing values for the X and Y axes will be calculated automatically. If this can be performed mathematically, Sinumerik Operate is also able to do this. If any coordinates have been defined by the system, these data are marked in light blue. Further, the contour can be automatically closed in order to prevent the new input of the starting point with closed contours.

Softkeys Turning and Milling

With this quickly generated and highly complex contour, you can use the most varied cycles, for example, path milling, rough drill, pocket, residual material pocket, spigot and residual material spigot with milling. With turning, this includes the cycles stock removal, residual stock removal, plunging, residual plunging as well as plunging and residual plunge-turning.

Further parameters can be defined in the machining cycles, for example, approach paths, immersion paths, allowances, radius offset and the traversing direction.

Cycles programGUIDE and ShopMill/ShopTurn

When using ShopMill/ShopTurn, another tool is defined with feedrate / spindle speed or cutting speed, as is the case with all ShopMill/ShopTurn cycles. This is the only difference to the programGUIDE. Here again the SINUMERIK Operate shows the same Look and Feel in all controller areas.

The linking of the contour with a machining step can be easily seen by the bracket at the end of the program line.