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High Speed Settings - CYCLE832 Advanced Surface

With CYCLE832 you can influence the sequence of 3D programs

With CYCLE832 you can influence the sequence of 3D programs, in order to provide technological support when machining freeform surfaces in the 3- to 5-axis HSC (High Speed Cutting) sector.

CYCLE832 stands in direct relation with the option "Advanced Surface" which combines all important functions and essential G-code commands that are required for HSC machining. When executing CAM programs in the HSC area, the control must be capable to pre-calculate a feedrate profile for high feedrates and short path sections (NC blocks). A good surface quality with high precision in the μm range is expected. By applying different machining strategies (roughing, prefinishing, finishing) you can use CYCLE832 to fine tune the program. Here by it is recommended to call CYCLE832 in the main program before calling the geometry subprogram.

Parameter CYCLE832

In CYCLE832 "High-Speed-Settings" you can select between four different Machining types of the technology "G group 59" and activate the appropriate dynamic parameters.

  • Roughing DYNROUGH (Index 3)

  • Semifinishing DYNSEMIFNISH (Index 2)

  • Finishing DYNFINISH (Index 1)

  • Deselection DYNNORM (Index 0)

CYCLE832(0.005,1,1); (Finshing with Tolerance 0.005)

Dynamic values and G-commands can be customized user specific and depend upon machine data settings (machine manufacturer!) The 4 Machining types in CYCLE832 are in direct relation to accuracy and velocity of the path contour. In both cases, specifying a tolerance ensures that the machining of a freeform surfaces is observed in order to achieve the desired surface quality and precision. Generally, when roughing, the tolerance is selected higher than when finishing.

Further informations you will find at the Operating Manual SINUMERIK 840D sl/828D Milling.

Video CYCLE832