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EASY START NC - automatically generate a starting program

Helpful CNC tool to automatically generate a starting program for mold building applications

The makers of Sinupedia have again written the code for a small, ingenious CNC tool that simplifies day-to-day work with many subprograms. In mold building it is common practice to save NC programs generated from the CAM system as a sub programs. Using a starting program, these subprograms are then called using the EXTCALL command. If many subprograms are required for the execution, then the time and costs to generate a starting program are relatively high and quite a lot of code writing is required. Using the EASY START NC CNC tool, a starting program can now be automatically generated for existing subprograms.

EASY START NC is simply installed on a Windows computer. After the start, the folder with the subprograms on the data carrier is selected, e.g. CF card or USB stick. Based on the existing template, a complete starting program is generated in the folder with all of the subprogram calls.

Generate a starting program

The subprograms, which are to be called in the starting program, are selected in the input fields. The upper entry field is for the sub programs, which are called from an external medium, for example a USB stick. The second entry field is for subprograms that are located directly on the NC. For example, these can be programs to measure the workpiece when setting up, which were not generated from the CAM system. After the programs have been selected, you can generate the starting program simply via Generate program. The result is displayed in the window that opens. You can save this as main program (*.MPF).

You can find a detailed description (only available in german only) at from where the program can also be downloaded.