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CNC-Handbook 2015/2016

For 40 years the standard reference in CNC technology. New articles, pictures and complete updates.

CNC-Handbook, Hans B. Kief, Helmut A. Roschiwal and Karsten Schwarz

The book is aimed at professional beginners and at CNC professionals. The reprint 15/16 was revised and updated completely.

The CNC-Handbook is used successfully in the education and further education for many years. This handbook is available in german language.

For teachers the Hanser publishing house makes lessons accompanying materials available.

From the contents of the CNC-Handbook 2015/16:

  • Introduction to CNC technology

  • Functions of the CNC controllers, way and switching information, SPS

  • kinds of CNC machines

  • tool generative manufacturing method

  • automation, industrial roboter and handling

  • energy efficient CNC production

  • tools in the CNC production

  • NC programms and programming

  • programming systems and production simulation

  • DNC, local area network

  • digital product development and production, of CAD and CAM to PLM

  • Industry 4.0

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