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CAD-Reader for SINUMERIK controls

CAD-Reader for SINUMERIK controls

The convenient support of the Sinumerik CAD reader allows contours to be generated or drill points to be filtered out in just a few work steps. Unnecessary components of the drawing such as dimensioning, hachures, labels, and frames can be hidden and removed due to the layer technology. In addition, the CAD reader can convert CAD data (DXF fi les) into NC programs (MPF, SPF, ARC) for drill patterns and contours. The contours or drill patterns generated are implemented in such a way that they can be understood by the geometry processor or cycle support and edited on the controller.   The CAD reader is available with SinuTrain or as a stand-alone application. To be able to read splines in the Sinumerik CAD reader, they need to be converted into polylines.

The following functions can be converted by the CAD Reader:

  • Import DXF files

  • Hide graphics layers

  • Automatic contour trace

  • Optional workpiece zero per contour/drill point

  • Several contours/drill points can be selected simultaneously

  • Create and convert contours or drill patterns for ShopMill, ShopTurn, SINUMERIK Operate

  • Display existing contours/drill points in geometry processor/cycles support.

You find further practice information about the CAD reader and a sample program for the transformation of splines for the CAD reader under sinupedia.

Video CAD-Reader

In the following video you can see how the drawing of a turned part is imported into the CAD reader and continued to work on as a contour for the floating-point geometry-processor.