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Application possibilities of the engraving cycle

ShopMill and ShopTurn – the job shop user interfaces of SINUMERIK controls – offer a practical engraving cycle to engrave parts and components.

Engraving workpieces is a frequently used application when machining small series and prototypes. This involves engraving serial numbers, the production date or just the company name. The engraving cycle provides a fast solution for all of these applications. A new machining operation with time-consuming, re-clamping in a special engraving machine is not required. The cycle allows any text to be engraved along a line or an arc.

Text can be engraved on the peripheral surface or the end face, which makes it especially interesting for round parts. The cycle handles the conversion to a peripheral surface. A fixed text can be engraved in a text field, or a variable text with variables. Predefined variables are available, e.g. unit quantity, date and time as well as freely-definable text and count variables.

 We have generated several ShopMill programs so that the engraving cycle can be flexibly used in various ways. You can download these together with a detailed description of the engraving cycle and the programs. The external trainer Hans-Peter Moser has been kind enough to provide us with the programs.

Download information and program examples