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W.D. Hearn, a highly specialized CNC machine tool supplier in South Africa, provides a vast array of experienced technical support and customer service throughout the country. The company was established in 1937 and currently has service center branches in the four major cities of South Africa.

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W.D. Hearn Machine Tools represents major international machine tool manufacturers, such as Leadwell, FFG, Kitamura and Tornos, and is consistently up to date with the latest machine tool developments and current technology trends. Whether for contract manufacture or large-scale production, the company understands its customers’ needs and provides professional and tailored advice.

The client base ranges from small and medium-sized companies to high-end automotive engine manufacturers. The core business is the sale and supply of CNC machining and turning centers. W.D. Hearn has built a relationship with Siemens spanning nearly eight years and imports 80% of its CNC machines with the Sinumerik 828D control system. The machine tool distributor is confident that Sinumerik CNCs are the best solution for the South African market in terms of both functionality and price.

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An inquiry from Daliff Precision Engineering, a major client in the Western Cape province of South Africa, which specializes in high-end aerospace part manufacturing, resulted in new challenges for W.D. Hearn. Daliff has already purchased numerous CNC machines from W.D. Hearn; the latest three to be installed were Leadwell machines equipped with Sinumerik CNCs.In addition to CNC machining, Daliff had been looking for a solution to monitor data from its CNC machine park, data needed to help improve its manufacturing processes as well as the accuracy of quotes and the overall part manufacturing time. The company needed a way to monitor everything on its CNC machines - from tool life and job setup time to tool setting time and even the comparative production rates of night shift versus day shift.

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At the TIMTOS machine tool trade fair in Taiwan, W.D. Hearn learned about ncTOUCH software at the Siemens booth. The software, from Siemens solution partner Mill IT, is capable of capturing all information from the Sinumerik 828D and Sinumerik 840D sl control systems and using it to generate easy-to-understand graphics on a simple HMI. This solution suited Daliff’s needs perfectly. The next step was to understand Daliff’s requirements and adapt ncTOUCH to meet them. "We selected the three Leadwell machines with Sinumerik 828D controls and arranged a meeting with Mill IT and Siemens in Cape Town to implement ncTOUCH based around the information and HMI configuration required by Daliff management," explains Christiaan van Schalkwyk, managing director at Daliff.

The software had an immediate effect on Daliff’s production: "Already during the first week, analyzing inefficient work processes, poor planning, downtimes due to a lack of tools, and so on became straightforward," said van Schalkwyk. The next step in remedying these deficiencies was simple. ncTOUCH has been successful not only from the big brother standpoint of monitoring the machine park but also in the genuine comparison of key production data. It enables set-up times of different types of jobs to be compared with time scales, that is, how long a machine has been in a certain operating mode (such as job mode or MDI). Daliff now has instant real-time data that can be neatly captured and displayed directly via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Marius Maas, production manager at Daliff, and van Schalkwyk have both given positive feedback on the way that ncTOUCH has impacted the shop. As van Schalkwyk observes, "The data generated in real time are perfectly accurate and therefore cannot be disputed. No matter where in the world the facilities are located, this accurate feedback means there is no room for arguments in production meetings with shopfloor supervisors."

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ncTOUCH is now going to be offered as standard on all Leadwell CNC machines with Sinumerik 828D controls purchased though W.D. Hearn Machine Tools in South Africa. W.D. Hearn believes that this software, which offers a genuine edge to customers in monitoring their CNC machine tools, is going to be hugely influential in future sales growth of Leadwell and Siemens in South Africa.

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With ncTOUCH, users can create their own modern, web-based interfaces for Sinumerik 840D sl and 828D, and link these to information and data from the Sinumerik CNC. The provided scripting language allows for quick implementation without any in-depth programming skills. A large number of different templates and ready-to-use applications for ncTOUCH already exist, which can be adapted with ease, from the layout right through to additional functions.

ncTOUCH forms the interface between the Sinumerik CNC and the web browser. Due to the complete integration within the Sinumerik system software, no additional components are required. The programming is done by simply editing normal text files, with no need for a special development environment. Thanks to the integrated networking suite, information from multiple cross-linked machines can be collected on a server, allowing for centralized access, with ncTOUCH handling all of the encryption and data transmission.

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