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Cities are places with unique challenges and opportunities, all grappling with how to become more successful, more livable and more sustainable. urbanDNA dives deep into this discourse and provides visionary and sophisticated stories from all over the world that clearly illustrate an indisputable fact: cities are the engines of the world's economy and drivers of social and cultural progress.

Current Issue
    • London Is Becoming Bigger, Better and Greener

    • Singapore´s Green Master Plan

    • Qater Flips the Switch to Smart Grid

    • and more

    Issue № 1 | October 2012
    • Moscow 2 Russia’s Expanding Capital

    • Public Goods and Public Spaces

    • Executive Strategy for Johannesburg

    • and more

    Issue № 2 | May 2013
    • Revitalizing Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes

    • Intelligent Cities: Siegfried Wu on China's urban Transformation

    • Resilience: the ability to bounce back

    • and more

    Issue № 3 | December 2013
    • RPA: Shaping New York’s Future

    • Singapore; Race for Mobility Solutions

    • Data Centers: Factories of the 21st century

    • and more

    Issue № 4 | June 2014
    • Robert Doyle: Running the World’s Most Livable City

    • Making Digital Predictions

    • Grid Control for US East Coast Cities

    • and more

    Issue № 5 | February 2015