Tunnel Control

SIMATIC Controller

Optimization for the automation of machines and plants in the manufacturing industry

  • Extensive selection of CPUs and modules, optimized for just about any application

  • Compact and modular design, fail-safe modules with extensive, integrated technology functions

  • System diagnostics facilitate fault localization without programming overhead

Benefits in the tunnel

  • The scalable design enables an integrated solution, from the automation of an avalanche shed to the control of complex ventilation systems with high availability automation components

  • When faced with increasing safety requirements, the controllers can also be expanded with new fail-safe software blocks and thus offer optimal investment protection


The powerful controller for system solutions in manufacturing and process applications

  • Simple configuring

  • Scalable redundancy and scalable performance

  • Event-driven synchronization

Benefits in the tunnel

  • System redundancy, from the portal to the emergency telephone recess

  • Configuration of the controllers in the separate portals enables an increased fault tolerance of the components