Automation Concept


In automated tunnel systems, particular emphasis is placed on ensuring a high degree of system availability. The following two layout variants are possible, considering a high availability SIMATIC S7-400H system:


Using the world’s leading industrial fieldbus system, PROFIBUS, a redundant ring can be implemented for recording the data point control in the tunnel. The controller itself is operating in hot-standby mode. Optionally, a distance of up to 10 km can persist between the two redundant controllers.

With the redundant I/O connection layout, it is possible to increase the availability of the overall system.


In addition to the PROFIBUS bus system, which has proven its worth worldwide, PROFINET has also established itself in the meantime as a future-oriented, Ethernet-based fieldbus system. The data points that exist in the tunnel are connected to the high availability controller by means of PROFINET I/O systems via a PROFINET ring.

Based on the different layout variants offered by PROFINET, more flexible network structures can be implemented in the tunnel using the new PROFINET system. The future-oriented, Ethernet-based fieldbus system architecture provides a uniform standard, from the SCADA system to the I/O level.