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Smart Grid Project Improves Grid Reliability for Oahu, Hawaii

The HECO project integrates distribution automation applications and hardware into intelligent hierarchical control systems. Substations and automated devices become intelligent agents supervised by the control center providing robust contingency situations, maintenance switching and fault isolation and restoration.

The Siemens Smart-Substation controller provides an intelligent substation information technology platform that enables real-time substation and feeder automation. The controller also integrates a variety of intelligent devices from multiple vendors that provide improved data availability and increased flexibility. In addition, the project’s standard, modular and resilient components will increase interoperability and enhance cyber security.

HECO already uses the Siemens Spectrum Power TG energy management system, which will be integrated with the sub-transmission automation to provide overall management and supervision for the eight substations in the project. Contingency switching plans will be developed in the control center and supplied to the Smart-Substation controller, along with associated event triggers.