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Overhaul for Heathrow Express

Siemens has assisted the UK’s Heathrow Express in creating a completely new interior for its Class 332 UK trains, which now offer an outstanding travel experience.

Initial Situation

The Heathrow Express serves the world’s busiest international airport and provides comfortable and quick transportation in First and Express class carriages. Its fleet consists of Siemens Class 332 Heathrow Express, taking travelers from Heathrow airport to London Paddington nonstop in just 15 minutes, and Desiro 360/2 Heathrow Connect trains, taking travelers on a stopping service.

Customer Challenges

The Class 332 fleet was built in 1997-1998 and is maintained by Siemens at a Train Care Facility in Acton, London. Since entering service in June 1998 the Heathrow Express  trains have carried over 60 million people. With the 15 th anniversary approaching, Heathrow Express decided to provide extensive upgrades to the Class 332 trains – with a focus on comfort, speed and reliability.


In cooperation with Siemens, consultants Interfleet and a design house, Heathrow Express created a new brand identity and a new look and feel. The company invested 16 million pounds sterling in the refurbishment, ensuring an outstanding travel experience for its passengers. Among other features, the First Class cars now offer 1+1 seating as well as USB charging points for mobile devices. Real-time airline departure screens in every vehicle show flight times as well as terminal information for each flight. Thousands of halogen lights have been replaced by energy-efficient lighting – also enabling new mood lighting which changes throughout the journey. Siemens project managed the refurbishment, which in itself was carried out by Rail Care. The first refurbished train went into service in May 2012, with the remaining trains delivered by June 2013.