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Lisbon’s eTicketing System Provided by Siemens

The Lisbon railway operator CP (Comboios de Portugal EPE) requested that Siemens’ Infrastructure & Cities Mobility and Logistics Division provide a contactless ticketing and access control system at 21 stations on Lisbon’s two main suburban lines. The Siemens Calypso solution would replace an aging fare collection system.

Initial Situation

Creating a contactless eTicketing system for Lisbon’s suburban railway was a huge challenge – the previous fare collection system was dated, and extensive modernization solutions were required. The ticket catalog was vast and complex, and needed to be altered. There were several simultaneously-running projects concerning the eTicketing system, and these all needed to be time-managed.

Customer Challenges

One particularly essential target was that Comboios de Portugal EPE (CP) would achieve a new ticketing paradigm, thereby joining a large group of public transportation operators (OTLIS) in full interoperability – the use of a single card, a common data model and an universal API. Moderate overall life-cycle costs were also a concern.

Our Solution

Siemens Portugal emerged in 2007 with a winning offer for CP, and was awarded a contract to supply, install and maintain an access control system for a total of 21 stations on Lisbon’s two major suburban lines. The project was valued at circa €13 million.

Siemens provided a full turnkey setup including pivoting gates, Calypso contactless ticketing software built to customer requirements, and a set of complementary systems. These included passenger information panels and VoIP telecommunications – help points, videosurveillance, station automation, data network and uninterruptable power supply systems.

The project was deployed largely ahead of other projects within the same customer program, and constraints were overcome relatively simply in what was a complex project. The outcome can be regarded as an example of high-quality project management, with Siemens Infrastructure & Cities team coordinating the project to ensure a timely delivery.