Partner ProgramPartner Program

A useful addition to the Siemens portfolio

Are you searching for additional options for our products?
Or do you need solutions for special applications?
Siemens Product Partners can definitely help.

Leading companies with recognized expertise in specific fields are available to you as “Siemens Product Partners.” With the products and systems that they independently develop, manufacture, and distribute, they are a useful addition to our comprehensive portfolio.

Our Product Partner network plays a significant role in ensuring that you’ll benefit from the most complete, efficient solutions of the highest quality, and can thus improve your competitiveness over the long term.

Our Product Partners are responsible for their own products. This means that Siemens assumes no liability if a partner product that is not manufactured by Siemens is used to complete a Siemens system. This also applies to cases where the manufacturer’s processes have been certified by Siemens.

Product Partner – SIMATIC Automation Systems

Our Product Partners expand the SIMATIC product portfolio, in particular with application-specific products, and they possess the requisite technical expertise for all aspects of SIMATIC products. With this experience, these companies are expert solution providers in a variety of industry and machine-building sectors.