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Report on New Perspectives on Climate Finance for Cities

Climate Finance for Cities

Cities need to invest $57 trillion in their infrastructure to accommodate growth in their populations and economies. This presents a great opportunity for cities to drive low carbon growth and is leading to new approaches to both infrastructure and financing infrastructure in cities. This report by Siemens, C40 Cities and Citi provides an introduction for cities seeking to understand climate finance options and identify possible routes for supporting projects and programs.

Report on Investor Ready Cities

Report on Investor Ready Cities

This report looks at the challenges for cities in delivering investor ready infrastructure projects. Focussing on the importance of infrastructure in our cities, and its role in sustainable development and effective delivery of services, the report starts with the importance of legal and governance structures that need to be in place to provide the necessary security and certainty to the investment community that will encourage them to invest in infrastructure projects. It then illustrates how cities with the appropriate foundations of institutional stability help deliver the infrastructure that is so critical to their future. It looks at the steps that need to be taken to create a governance, legal and regulatory environment which will support harnessing the full range of potential sources of funding.