The SINAMICS ASSISTANT app developed by Siemens converts the frequency (Hz) of a variable speed drive to the speed (rpm) to be set on the motor. The result is displayed with an accuracy of two decimal places. The conversion also works the other way: revolutions per minute become Hertz.

The function error code helps you to identify and remedy errors. Just enter the error code shown on the variable speed drive and the app explains you what it means and what to do to correct the error.

If you have any questions, the app provides a support page giving you the name of the contact person responsible for your region. What’s more, free video information is at your disposal, e.g. information on the installation and commissioning of the G120 frequency converter made by Siemens.

Main functions overview

  • Error code analysis (offline)

  • Convert frequency (Hz) to speed (rpm)

  • Support function

  • Link to the YouTube product videos

  • Content and screen are available in 9 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese)

  • Works with Android und I-Phone