The SIMOTICS EE-COMPARATOR enables you to compare SIMOTICS low voltage motors for fixed speed operation as well as for variable speed operation. For fixed speed operation motors with different IE classifications (IE1, IE2, IE3 and IE4) can be compared taking into account individual operating time and motor loads. In the new variable speed operation module the most cost effective drive system can be determined based on a pump application with individual load profiles.

Simply enter a few key data and the app calculates energy efficiency, potential energy cost savings and the pay-back period. These values can be directly compared and the break-even point is displayed graphically.

The App also offers an overview of local minimum efficiency requirements for low voltage induction motors (so called MEPS – Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards) for selected countries.

You can send the results calculated with the SIMOTICS EE-COMPARATOR directly from the app by e-mail.



Calculator for line motors

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