Robust Communications for Transportation Systems

Robust Communications for Transportation Systems

With a combined portfolio of RUGGEDCOM and SCALANCE networking products, Siemens is taking a leading role in transportation networks around the world. We offer best-in-class, end-to-end networking solutions for road and rail that are able to withstand the harshest conditions.
Improved mobility, efficiency, safety and sustainability are just some of the benefits enjoyed by Siemens customers.

Complete Connectivity Solutions for Today and Tomorrow – Robust Communications for Transportation Systems

Siemens develops technology that improves the way we live by making the world incredibly efficient. And nowhere is efficiency more crucial than in transportation, where requirements are drastically changing from closed island solutions/ single products to cross-linked intelligent infrastructure solutions.

That’s why we are taking the lead in reshaping and modernizing transportation networks around the world. From railways to highways, our goal is to help cities keep everyone and everything moving – safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

How are we doing this? By offering a large portfolio of networking solutions designed for road and rail. Keep reading to discover how Siemens’ advanced technology and expertise can modernize, energize, and improve your transportation network.

Our comprehensive portfolio of networking products comply with EN 50155, EN 50121, and NEMA TS2 standards for use in trains, transit, wayside, and all kinds of roadway applications. They are designed and field-proven to withstand extreme temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and EMI. Siemens’ industry-leading reliability means your transportation systems will experience fewer disruptions and require less maintenance.

Discover new ways that Siemens products transform ordinary networks to support the most demanding applications of tomorrow. From enhancing customer satisfaction with extensive passenger information and infotainment services to efficiently managing traffic. And that’s not all, Siemens enables secure wireless transfer of route data to the vehicle over long distances, simplifying your data storage, enhancing passenger safety, and streamlining your operations.

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