Robust Communication Solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems

On highways, down innercity streets, through tunnels and railway crossings. An endless stream of cars, trains, buses. Traffic is a complex, nonstop challenge for major city centers and small communities alike. Coordinating traffic, staying on top of its ebbs and flows, is a complex, demanding task for emergency support personnel, city planners and transportation system operators everywhere.

Reliable network communications are a critical necessity for monitoring and managing increasingly complex transportation infrastructures. Knowing what is happening and where, from tracking buses and trains on their routes, to locating and addressing stalled vehicles, to connecting drivers with important information about road and traffic conditions – effective traffic management demands intelligent transportation systems.

Siemens solutions can

  • Synchronize traffic lights to keep vehicles moving

  • Provide drivers with information to help them make smarter decisions on the road

  • Deliver accurate and timely information to transportation managers so they can prevent bottlenecks before they happen

  • Withstand harsh environments – with products that comply with NEMA TS 2 environmental requirements and operate reliably in extreme temperatures