Time to switch

In the energy sector, electric power grid operators need reliable, future-proof systems that can adapt to ongoing changes more than ever before. This is where digital technology plays a key role.

Digitalization ushers in a new day for the electric power industry around the world. The digital substation lies at the cornerstone of the evolving digital utility. It is the heart of an infrastructure that must be able to withstand the evergrowing amount of data that will be generated and consumed by digital substation equipment in the coming years. To achieve this, operators must streamline the information and data exchanges in the electrical grid and supporting communication networks.

The new rugged Ethernet switches from Siemens are key additions to the essential building blocks of a powerful industrial communication network in a digital substation.

Providing secured, real-time communication with large bandwidths and high system availability, these new products pave the way for utilities to deploy enhanced networking solutions for digital substations. With our solid expertise in the electric power industry we understand industrial network design for digital substations better than anyone else. Our network solutions shape up the future of digital substations. From design to implementation: Siemens experts are there every step of the way to make digitalization a reality for utilities worldwide. Learn more about our professional services for industrial networks here or scroll down to meet the new rugged Ethernet switches for digital substations.

Time to switch

The new members of the RUGGEDCOM portfolio of Ethernet switches - RST2228, RST2228P, RSG907R, RSG909R, RSG908C and RSG910C, provide wide-ranging benefits for a Digital Substation network, including:

  • Precise time synchronization according to IEEE 1588

  • Flawless, maintenance-free operation in extreme conditions and temperatures ranging from -40° to +85° C

  • Hardware flexibility to suit various substation topologies

  • Cost savings through reduced civil engineering and labor, simplified installation and testing

  • Interoperability thanks to support of Ethernet and IEC 61850-3 standards

RUGGEDCOM RST2228/RST2228P           

 The RUGGEDCOM RST2228 and RST2228P are 19” rack switches, featuring high density ports with 10 Gbit/s uplinks and optional Power-over-Ethernet to effectively handle ever growing amount of data in a Digital Substation network.

RUGGEDCOM RSG900R and RSG900C series

Four award-winning full Gigabit rugged compact switches offer IEEE1588 Precision Time Synchronization, HSR and PRP functionality to mitigate the risk of communication disruptions and downtime and are ideal for Digital Substation networks that require high bandwidths and accommodate future expansions.