Renewable power generation

Wind energy systems are highly complex. With a mix of mechanical and electrical components, renewable energy systems need to work together seamlessly for optimal performance. Whether on land, coast, or in the high seas, these types of automated energy systems require a certain type of rugged communications system. Without real-time condition and performance data available at all times, the consequences could be dire. With RUGGEDCOM networking equipment for smart grid technology applications, renewable power generation operators can count on state-of-the-art communications technology and maximum reliability.

Control and monitoring for renewable power generation

Our network technology ensures smooth flow of data for renewable power generation solutions. And that’s just the start. Our rugged communications solutions come with even more far-reaching advantages:

  • The entire network can be centrally controlled and monitored—including information about the communications network itself or SCADA data from the power system.

  • All performance and status data is transferred to the control room in real time—there’s no delay.

  • Operators can react to the changing conditions of the power system and ensure that the necessary measures are taken.

  • Real time connection to condition monitoring equipment is made both simple and reliable.

  • System availability is substantially increased because of the real-time connection.

  • Diagnostics through smart grid technology network access means that network bottlenecks or weak spots can be detected early.

  • Depending on external conditions, on the system type, and on the operator’s specific requirements, a renewable energy system network can be either wired or wireless.

Smart management – remote accessibility

Our smart grid technology solution lets you manage everything remotely using cellular networks or WiMAX wireless broadband technology, offered by the Siemens RUGGEDCOM WIN family of products. We can even design the smart grid technology network to integrate with other network redundancy mechanisms. So you can count on consistent operation and low maintenance costs. And if you go the private wireless network route for your utility grade communications, you can expect continuous availability and interference-free communication.


  • High performance and reliable communications

  • Remote Management

  • Wired and wireless network architectures designed for extremely harsh conditions