Distribution automation

With a growing interest in optimizing energy delivery and efficiency, distribution automation is quickly becoming the latest need in utility grade communications and smart grid technology. Getting a complete picture of the state of the grid down to the distribution level gives utilities a number of advantages:

  • Utilities can pinpoint faults and provide isolation to minimize the number of users that are impacted by the disturbance.

  • After the fault is cleared, power can be restored remotely through the use of connected reclosers

  • The automated power restoration means utilities can create a smart and self-healing grid that reduces outages and minimizes service truck rolls.

Easy deployment, vast coverage with wireless solutions

Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR) requires fast, reliable, and rugged communications—even where wires aren’t present. RUGGEDCOM delivers it with WIN, a broadband wireless solution based on IEEE 802.16E WiMAX. This advanced smart grid technology solution is the ideal communications architecture for distribution automation because it allows for easy deployment and covers large areas that aren’t wired for communication.

With its robust design, low latency, and open standards approach, the RUGGEDCOM WIN solution is ideal for use in mission critical distribution automation applications. It can also be used to provide communications for multiple smart grid applications such as automated metering infrastructure, (AMI), and mobile work force communications.
And best of all, it’s designed to work with other utility grade applications as it supports features like optimized uplink/downlink ratios, GOOSE over the air message transport, standalone mobility and IEC 61850-3 certification.


  • Communication platform for multiple wireless applications

  • Reduced outages and service truck rolls

  • Designed for utility applications