Powerful and future-proof

Consistent, end-to-end communication networks based on standards: The key to greater productivity in the process industry

In the process industry, with its usually extensive plants that have a lifecycle of 15 to 40 years and with often extreme environmental conditions, industrial communications must meet special demands. To prevent unscheduled disturbances or even interruptions in the production processes, seamlessly consistent and reliable horizontal as well as vertical communication is required.

SIMATIC NET can meet these requirements extremely efficiently and economically. Siemens’ comprehensive portfolio of industrial communications provides everything needed: first-class products, systems and solutions for implementing powerful and future-proof networks for plant-wide data transfer – wired or wireless. SIMATIC NET builds on established global standards, from AS-Interface, PROFIBUS and HART connection to Industrial Ethernet with integrated IT technology.

PROFIBUS PA, the leading field bus for the process industry, adds real value in all phases of the plant lifecycle, from planning and commissioning to operation and modernization. It enables long cable paths and permits explosion protection even under harsh conditions as well as the full digital integration of field instruments into the control level.

SIMATIC NET establishes the conditions for optimizing processes by efficiently linking information and automation technology. In doing so, it paves the way for innovative networks: SCALANCE components for networks with high performance, cutting-edge management, Industrial Wireless LAN and coordinated industrial security.

With PROFIBUS PA, users benefit from consistent, end-to-end communication even in hazardous areas, as well as unlimited TCP/IP communication and real-time applications with the PROFINET open Industrial Ethernet standard.