Consistently higher efficiency and productivity

Maximum data transparency across all automation levels based on proven standards

Industrial communication is the backbone for long-term success in all industries, and the technology it uses is correspondingly varied. This variety is reflected in the entire range of SIMATIC NET industrial communication solutions from Siemens. With PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet, PROFIBUS, AS-Interface and IO-Link, we offer the best possible solution for any application in any industry – and we also cover the entire range of industrial communication including telecontrol and industrial wireless communication solutions.

From controlling machines and monitoring production lines to coordinating entire production areas, SIMATIC NET from Siemens offers a solid backbone for the required exchange of data. The comprehensive portfolio of industrial communication solutions allows responding flexibly to current market requirements, speeding up time to market, increasing efficiency and making the best possible use of assets. Ongoing, compatible SIMATIC NET enhancements help maximize investment security, while the use of proven global standards maximizes openness and flexibility and minimizes the amount of work required for installation, maintenance and diagnosis.

SIMATIC NET comes with SCALANCE, powerful network components for implementing secured, wired and wireless networks based on PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet and Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN). IWLAN increases production flexibility, reduces complexity and operating costs and makes it easier to connect automation cells even when space is tight. SIMATIC NET also includes a fully coordinated range of cabling systems – electrical and optical – including the FastConnect cabling system as well as optical link modules for PROFIBUS. Communication and network management software rounds out the solution portfolio.

All SIMATIC NET products, systems and solutions are part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), the industrial automation solution from Siemens in which all automation components work together efficiently.