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Flexibility, More Efficiency

Industrial wireless communication enables the high flexible utilization of cranes and other logistics applications

You perform heavy-duty work – and your life is constantly going up and down. Modern cranes and intralogistics applications such as electrical overhead suspended trains or driverless transport systems are the most important members of a functioning logistics chain. In many fields, they are simply indispensable, for example, in the loading and transportation of container trucks, when transporting scrap materials, steel pipes or coils, tiles or car body parts for cars. Industrial Wireless Communication is central to the diverse nature of your work and your mobility.

Wireless industrial communication ensures that cranes and intralogistic applications can operate without trailing cables, contact lines and data transmission lights. No cables means no wear and tear, no maintenance, and greater freedom of movement. Reliable and proven, wireless technology makes transport systems extremely flexible, enables quick and reliable transport and logistics processes without downtimes and without long maintenance times. Simultaneously, it simplifies convertibility and extensibility. And it makes safety-critical applications possible, in which dangers to personnel and machines exist, thanks to PROFINET with PROFIsafe profile, everywhere, every time.

Siemens offers innovative communications solutions for all logistics systems, based on of SCALANCE W access points and client modules. These are ideal for wireless connected electrical suspended workstations, storage and retrieval machines, for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and for cranes with Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN). For rail-mounted applications, an RCoax dielectric waveguide solution is recommended. SCALANCE X enables the networking of the backbone. Cabling is done successfully using FastConnect. Whereby remote access is required, for example for cranes, industrial wireless Telecontrol is the optimum choice. Online diagnostics and simple connection to the MES level via Ethernet technology round off the range of solutions.

Siemens solutions always ensure that security of investment remains a key priority. For example, although AGVs or storage and retrieval machines operating with PROFIBUS components is well equipped, the communication via contact lines is less than ideal. In such cases the ‘old’ technology remains in use and is simply connected via a wireless connection.