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Going Underground: Our journey to the future

Exhibition to remain open until 31st August 2014

London commuters and leisure travelers will have a further opportunity to experience the future of underground rail travel - thanks to a three month-extension for the forward-looking ‘Going Underground: our journey to the future’ exhibition.

The exhibition, which is free to enter and was due to close its doors this month, has been extended due to popular demand and will remain open at The Crystal in London’s Royal Victoria Docks, until 31st August 2014. Almost 6,500 people have visited the exhibition since it opened in October 2013.

Created by engineering experts Siemens, in conjunction with London Transport Museum and media specialists CBS Outdoor UK, the exhibition showcases forward-thinking technology that will influence underground travel in the future.

It features a life-size mock-up of a brand new design of metro train – the Siemens Inspiro – which is 30% more energy efficient and 20% lighter than other modern metro trains that run in cities today. Visitors to the exhibition can go inside the train, and experience its light, open and fully air conditioned carriages.

Other interactive exhibits on display include:

  • Technologies designed to help travellers find their way around underground rail networks more easily

  • Electronic ticketing developments

  • Station management solutions

  • Cutting edge advertising and passenger information systems.

Visitors can download a specially designed exhibition guide to their smartphone (either via a dedicated link: or by using a QR code) to provide additional information about the exhibits.

Going Underground: Our journey to the future.

Siemens, in association with CBS Outdoor and London Transport Museum, showcases its view of the future of underground rail transport at the Crystal in Royal Victoria Dock. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a full scale mock up of a Siemens Inspiro metro train. Also on display is a host of other interactive solutions such as way-finding, passenger information and station management solutions.

Enjoy our Going Underground 3D Street Art!

We showcased creativity of a different type - using paintbrushes and chalks - as we engaged with world famous artists 3D Joe and Max to create a ‘pavement Picasso’ masterpiece on the streets of London.

The unique artwork, which replicates a Siemens Inspiro concept underground train travelling under the city streets, has been designed to promote the ‘Going Underground: Our journey to the future’ exhibition. In September 2013, Londoners could enjoy “riding the train” at the Crystal in Royal Victoria Docks and in Covent Garden.

Event, customer proof points and magazine promotion

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The Siemens Poster Vote

The results are in and the public have decided that the best London Underground poster of all time is Brightest London is best reached by Underground which was designed by Horace Taylor in 1924.

Over 42,000 people voted in the Siemens Poster Vote, making a difficult choice from the 150 posters that featured in London Transport Museum’s 2013 exhibition Poster Art 150 – London Underground’s Greatest Designs.

Going Underground has welcomed its visitors!

The exhibition is free to enter and is opened for a three month period. It is located on the site of The Crystal in Royal Victoria Docks, the world’s largest exhibition of solutions dedicated to sustainable cities.

Traffic has fallen by 20% thanks to City congestion charge

Thanks to Siemens detection and enforcement system architecture, London is reducing traffic levels and congestion with its innovative charge system.

Overhaul for Heathrow Express

Siemens has assisted the UK’s Heathrow Express in creating a completely new interior for its Class 332 trains, which now offer an outstanding travel experience.

A Mayor’s Green Vision

Preparing for London’s growth in the 21st century. Boris Johnson is one of Great Britain’s most instantly recognizable public figures, who presides over a thriving metropolis that he describes as "the perfect laboratory for urban development".

Helping the UK to stay on the right track to success

With our 170 years heritage we are committed to the UK and are keen on helping to shape a sustainable future. In this 16 pages supplement published by Modern Railways you can experience how our rail solutions contribute to that goal and how we keep the UK on track.

Helping London flow London is ambitiously striving for a sustainable future.

But revitalizing the infrastructure of one of the world’s most visited cities is far from easy.
The solution lies not only in transforming London’s transport network, but in revolutionizing the power sources that supply it.

Helping Red Buses Go Green

Hybrid technology from Siemens helps London’s famous double-decker buses save a considerable amount of energy and become more environmentally-friendly.