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GEAFOL Cast-Resin Transformers
Over 100,000 units have proven themselves in power distribution or converter operation all around the globe. Read more ...

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Find out more about our comprehensive power grid competence, brought to life at the Siemens booth - Explore our exhibits and booth presentations from Grid Consulting to complete Smart Substation Solutions and meet our experts for in depth conversations.

Highlight: Join our Expert Lounge - every day from 4:30 pm until 6 pm!

Be excited to find out more about Distribution Grid automation from Siemens, including:

The modular electrical energy storage system.

Wind and solar power have already become key power sources in today’s energy mix. The heavy penetration and the growth of distributed generation have changed the structure of the power grid. Further, the unpredictable renewable generation capacity leads to fluctuations and imbalances between generation and load, influencing grid stability and power quality.
SIESTORAGE secures a stable and reliable power supply. It integrates renewable energy sources and optimizes the usage of fossil generation to a modern eco-friendly grid.
SIESTORAGE combines cutting-edge power electronics for grid applications and high-performance Li-ion batteries. The design of SIESTORAGE can be adapted to specific demands, and enables a large field of applications for utilities, industries, cities and infrastructure.

2. Comprehensive Low Voltage Portfolio

for power distribution system operators.

The complete portfolio for integrated, safe and intelligent power distribution for industrial applications, infrastructure and buildings. Our portfolio comprises switch boards, busbar trunking systems, distribution boards, measuring devices, circuit breakers and switch disconnectors, circuit protection, switches and socket outlets. Around the world, the consistency, modularity and intelligence of our components and systems offer you numerous advantages – over the entire period of use. Developed according to the respective international standards, we offer trendsetting design and innovative functions in unique quality.

4. TIP - Totally Integrated Power
Future-proof power supply: Totally Integrated Power (TIP) – support, products and systems for integrated power distribution.

The electrical power distribution is the basis, comparable to a vital artery, for the reliable and efficient function of all electrically powered building installations. Electrical power distribution therefore requires integrated solutions.
Our answer: Totally Integrated Power (TIP).
This includes tools and support for planning and configuration and a complete, optimally harmonized product and system portfolio for integrated power distribution from medium-voltage switchgear right to wall outlets.
The products and systems can be interfaced to building or industrial automation systems via communication capable switches and components, allowing the full potential for optimization that an integrated solution offers to be exploited from planning and configuration right to installation and operation.

5. Power Supply Systems and Solutions

Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of fully integrated low-and medium voltage systems, power supply systems and solutions as well as energy storage solutions from a single source for various industries. These solutions are precisely tailored to the customers' wishes and fit into nearly every environment. Over the entire lifecycle Siemens is a provider of complete integrated solutions in more than 80 countries of the world.

6. Regulated Distribution Transformer FITformer REG

The regulated distribution transformer FITformer REG from Siemens can change its transformation ratio under load. In this way, it guarantees distributed infeed from small generating plants and helps energy suppliers to stay within the permissible voltage band, without violating the EN 50160 standard. This is achieved by the transformer’s three low-voltage taps, which are routed inside the hermetically sealed corrugated tank to the control unit directly on the transformer.
A specially developed bushing provides a space-saving and reliable transition from the transformer to the control unit. All the usual connections as well as the high-voltage tap area for load- free changing of the transformation ratio remain unchanged.
The operating properties and dimensions of the distribution transformer remain more or less unchanged. Thanks to its space-saving design, the FITformer REG can be used in all normal compact stations.

7. Spectrum Power: Secure integration of distributed and renewable energy resources

Today’s grids are characterized by fundamental load flow changes due to increased distributed generation (e.g. wind, PV), significant changes in observability due to the advent of smart meters, as well as increasing pressure for higher reliability of supply despite higher network volatility.

The Spectrum Power scores first-class both in SCADA, DMS as well as in Outage Management. Its user interface and data model connects all its applications and fully supports geospatial views and processes. Spectrum Power solutions enable management processes to ensure system reliability, voltage management, demand-side management, outage management and work management.

                                      8. DISTRIBUTION GRID AUTOMATION

8.a SIPROTEC 5 – new benchmark for protection, automation and monitoring of grids
A new, flexible generation of innovative and intelligent field devices. SIPROTEC 5, in addition to its reliable and selective protection and complete automation, offers the comprehensive data basis needed for monitoring modern grids successfully. Synchronized display measurement (PMU), grid quality data and comprehensive system data are supplied as part of this extensive performance package. The result is high safety levels that protect your investment and enhance system availability.

8.a Feeder automation controller - SIPROTEC 7SC80
allows very fast fault detection and isolation in distribution networks. The device features flexible protection functions. Additional primary switching devices (grounding switches, transfer switches and isolating switches) can also be controlled from the relay. Automation or PLC logic functionality is also implemented in the relay. 
The integrated programmable logic (CFC) allows the user to add own functions, e. g. for the automation of switch-gear (including: interlocking, transfer and load shedding schemes).

The new and innovative feeder condition monitor (FCM) integrates the functions short-circuit and earth-fault detection, network condition monitoring and load flow monitoring. This makes data and information available for best transparency of the cable network. Low-power sensors and first-class measuring technology provide high accuracy - with easy handling.

is more than a compact telecontrol unit. It integrates monitoring, telecontrol and load flow control.
SICAM CMIC is suitable for electrical and gas substations, hydropower plants, pipelines, railway power supplies, as well as in building protection or for alarm signaling.

8.a Power quality recorder - SICAM P850/P855
The new multifunctional devices SICAM P850/855 are part of a comprehensive and powerful platform,  from measured value acquisition via evaluation to documentation and archiving. The measurements comply with the international standard IEC 61000-4-30 Class S Power Quality (PQ). The device is available as Multifunctional Power Meter SICAM P850 or as Power Quality Recorder SICAM P855 with additional recorder functionality e.g. for event and EN 50160 evaluation and 2GB mass storage.

8.a Reyrolle 7SR23 DAD - Solution for high impedance protection
The relay provides comprehensive, configurable high impedance protections with enhanced functionality and performance. The high impedance principle provides a unit protection used in restricted earth fault, busbar and connections protection schemes. It ensures sensitive, high speed operation for internal faults and guaranteed stability during external faults.

8.a Utility grade ethernet switch - RS900
is a 9-port Utility Grade, fully managed, Ethernet switch specifically designed to operate reliably in electrically harsh and climatically demanding environments. An operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C (-40 to +185°F) coupled with hazardous location certification (Class 1 Division 2) allows the RS900 to be placed in almost any location. The versatility and wide selection of fiber optics allows the RS900 to be used in a variety of applications. The RS900 provides up to three 100Mbps fiber optical Ethernet ports for creating a fiber optical backbone with high noise immunity and long haul connectivity. Meets IEC61850-3, made for utility networks. All RuggedCom products are backed by a five year warranty and unsurpassed technical support.

8.b 8DJH Compact - Maximum functionality on minimum space
Gas-Insulated switchgear 8DJH Compact for secondary distribution systems up to 24 kV.
The 8DJH Compact is setting new standards when it comes to compactness in medium-voltage switchgear. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be easily installed in new secondary substations, and is the ideal retrofit switchgear for existing compact stations. It provides the proven functionalities of the 8DJH family and, with the appropriate options, can also be integrated in smart grids.

  • The ideal compact solution for the secondary distribution level

  • Proven functionalities with optimal use of space

  • Perfectly suited for retrofitting compact stations

  • High personal and operational safety

  • Highly cost-effective thanks to the perfect use of existing installation space

8.c Fuse Saver
Improving power quality in a demanding and competitive business environment is one of the most challenging tasks for power utilities today.
Reducing the number and duration of power outages and limiting the number of affected customers are important steps towards this goal.

  • Highest availability and cost savings for your MV distribution network

  • Half-cycle switching – fastest vacuum circuit breaker on the market

  • Smart grid-ready with communications module

  • Highly integrated and innovative technology

  • Protection, monitoring, metering, and control in a single unit

  • Self-powered - your handling benefits at a glance

  • Lightweight (5.5 kg)

  • Fast and easy installation – plug and play

  • No change in protection scheme needed

  • Simple line installation

  • Safety benefits for live-line crew thanks to half-cycle switching

9. Network Consulting and Software Solutions
Siemens Power Technologies International (Siemens PTI) offers network consulting services, system planning software and professional training on all aspects of transmission and distribution. Siemens PTI provides the knowledge and expertise to combine the individual equipment components to form a complete electricity supply system that meets your technical and economical requirements.

PSS®SINCAL (Siemens Network Calculation) is a high-performance planning tool for the simulation, evaluation and optimization of supply systems. It is successfully applied in more than 400 municipal utilities, regional and national power supply companies, industrial plants and consulting firms worldwide.

10. The software solutions SIGUARD
is a suite of innovative software solutions from Siemens that helps ensure a reliable power supply at all times. System operators benefit from the software solutions’ support in making the right decisions. This support facilitates the optimum use of all assets and can lead to the prevention of unnecessary trippings and blackouts. In addition to that, the workload for strategic and day-ahead system planning can be reduced noticeably thanks to intelligent result evaluation and aggregation.

11. Demand Response Management System and Virtual Power Plant

Demand response refers to all functions and processes applied to influence the behavior of energy consumption. This can range from simple signaling, e-mail, SMS, or a phone call to a person who switches a load on or off, to fully integrated load management, where many consumption devices are dynamically controlled according to availability or to the price of energy.
Since the demand for electrical energy in many cases is closely connected to the demand for alternative forms of energy, heating and cooling energy, or mechanical energy, demand response solutions must each far beyond the electrical grid itself. In particular, optimization must include all energy forms which are interconnected.

Virtual power plants are the basis for the change in the energy supply. In context of the virtual power plant, Siemens offers i.a. different solutions for the integration of decentralized supply networks. DEMS- Decentralized Energy Management System is the “brain” of decentralized power parks. With DEMS new marketing possibilities are opened up for decentralized power generators.