Electric flight

The experts from Corporate Technology are developing solutions for the mobility of the future.

Electric aircraft drive systems

Electric drives represent a promising development not only in the automotive industry and shipping, but also in aviation. Hybrid-electric planes use up to 25 percent less fuel than conventionally powered aircrafts and significantly reduce both CO2 emissions and aircraft noise.

Working closely with Airbus Group and Diamond Aircraft, our experts sent the world’s first hybrid-electric aircraft into the skies back in 2011. The technology is improving all the time and for the first time in 2015, Siemens unveiled an electric motor that can power larger aircrafts with take-off weights of up to two tons:

  • Record power-to-weight ratio of 5 kilowatts per kilogram

  • Continuous mechanical power of 260 kilowatts with a weight of 50 kilograms

  • Series hybrid aircrafts with four or more seats possible

Together with Airbus, Siemens’ developers are working to turn the vision of electrically powered flight into a reality: the aim is to have hybrid-electric aircrafts flying distances of around 1,000 kilometers with up to 90 passengers by 2035.

Digital slimming diet

To slim down the engine components, Siemens developed a special optimization algorithm and integrated it in the Siemens CAE program NX Nastran.

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