The future of mobility is electric

Drive technology and charging solutions for sustainable future mobility

In addition to industrial applications, trains or mining trucks, Siemens also electrifies commercial vehicles, buses, and cars. Our drive and charging solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles are helping automobile manufacturers around the world to meet their CO2 targets. Electrified city buses make urban traffic quieter, cleaner, and cheaper for operators.

elektromobilitaet sivetec komponenten siemens

Powertrain components for cars

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Drive systems for commercial vehicles

SIVETEC drive components for hybrid and electric vehicles

Siemens supplies its customers in the automotive industry with smart, robust components for hybrid and electric vehicles that are easy to integrate in new vehicle models. Every solution is tailor-made for the customer.

 Powertrain components for cars

ELFA – the economical and intelligent way to reduce emissions

Our modular ELFA drive system can be custom-configured: together with intelligent energy management, it produces an ideal combination that reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

 Drive systems for commercial vehicles
electromobilitaet ladeloesung pkw siemens

Charging systems for ecars

elektrohybrid bus schweden ladeloesung siemens

Charging systems for ebuses

electromobilitaet ehighway siemens


Charging systems for plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars

We supply terminals for cable-based charging that make battery charging at home or in public areas as easy as filling up with fuel. Our inductive charging system allows batteries to be charged using contactless wireless technology.

 Charging systems for plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars

Efficient public transportation with zero emissions

Our charging solutions for electric buses make it possible to use renewables, for example, to ensure zero-emission urban transport. Greater energy efficiency, affordable traction energy and reduced maintenance are the main advantages.

 Back on the move, quickly and efficiently

Electrification of road freight traffic

With the innovative eHighway system, HGVs can be electric-driven, even over longer distances. The future of freight transport: efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly.

 Clean and efficient with eHighway

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