A layered approach provides continuous protection of data, people, and assets from more threats – and safeguards business continuity.

Keep your infrastructure and assets secure, 24/7

Smart planning and integration from Siemens protect the operational processes of your data center and ensure business continuity. From perimeter protection, gate control and intrusion detection, to access control and visitor management, we help you protect more spaces against today’s security threats.

And, our security solutions make protection more manageable. Expert assessments identify vulnerabilities. Intelligent video surveillance monitors threats and helps with investigations. Our security management system integrates all systems with a user-friendly interface that increases visibility, responsiveness, and control.

Access Control

In data centers, different individuals must have access to different areas inside the facility and at different times during the day, therefore clear and efficient access control of the various zones is of primary importance. Security areas such as server or control rooms can only be entered by authorized persons with access cards (badge, smart card).

In addition to this, various doors can be dependent on one another. For example, one door can only be opened when another is closed as in a sluice. As a general rule, access to every zone can be controlled based on time, location and person.

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Biometric access

The seamless integration of biometric sensors such as iris, vein or facial recognition allows for automation of the access system performance all the way through to identity control. Siemens access control systems have the interfaces needed to adopt the latest biometric recognition methods.

These are the key functions needed to meet the highest security requirements and at the same time accommodate the increasing performance requirements of data center processes.

Modular system design

Siemens offers modular electronic access control systems, which can be adapted and configured to meet individual needs. In addition to access control, these systems are also used for ID production, visitor management, time management and attendance and even payment.

They can be integrated seamlessly in an existing system environment and can be implemented for several buildings at multiple locations.

Intelligent video surveillance

Intelligent software algorithms provide an option for practical use of the constantly rising amount of information. Instead of extending an existing wall of monitors with numerous displays, Siemens provides individual integration of security sensors with camera recording for the respective data center in a single tool.

This technology allows security guards to obtain an overview of critical or atypical scenarios such as threats or alarms at a glance. The policy-based configuration monitors individual security regulations and alarms automatically. Integrated modules for security planning, daily operation as well as modules for dispatching and escalation provide for a new quality of security services with smooth integration of security forces and technology.

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