Data center management, automation and control

In a constantly changing environment, our solutions for management, automation and control keep you a step ahead.

Continuous and comprehensive monitoring and management

Our data center management solutions help you anticipate the future and ensure safe, secure, and reliable operations. Designed with consideration for all your operations, they provide a comprehensive and structured approach to meet your goals.

Maximize your operations with our suite of tools. Our building automation and control system (BACS), building management system (BMS), controllers and field devices set the standard for technology, efficiency, and ease of use. Energy power monitoring software (EPMS) monitors your consumption. Seamlessly link building management and IT management with our industry-leading data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system.

Building management system (BMS)

One of the major benefits of the direct digital control system within a data center is the availability of building data. The building management system (BMS) is tailor made for each data center, offering a specific graphical user interface to provide a complete overview of the entire system whenever required.

Another important function of a central BMS is to ensure a clear overall view and simple operation for the data center operators and staff. Alarm handling is particularly important; alarms are automatically registered, logged and routed to desired staff or peripherals. Once ‘archived’, the data listed above can be utilized in a number of different ways, merely as general archive information and records of building events and changes, to support design decisions or actively to promote new ideas and schemes.

Your benefits:

  • Identification of plant performance can highlight problem areas, often reducing client maintenance costs or capital expenditure

  • Building load profiles can be produced, allowing energy consumption records for cost allocation for each area of the data center, including any offices that may share the same building

  • A detailed database of comparative analysis can be produced to look for variances which may indicate a problem

  • Comparison of a data center’s plant performance over a consecutive time period can identify efficiency losses. Comparison of several data center’s can establish whether any are substantially less efficient than others.

Further information

Desigo CC Brochure

Desigo CC – the integrated building management platform

Open by design to improve your performance

Desigo CC

Desigo CC – Integrated management station

With Desigo™, Siemens offers an integrated building management system that covers all your requirements – both now and in the future

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Datacenter Clarity LC™, Siemens' data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution

Datacenter Clarity LC V2.2 key features
Key features: Datacenter Clarity LC™ V2.2

Bridging the gap between IT and facility management is an essential component to business success in a data center. With advanced monitoring and management solutions you can ensure demand control and provide transparency for all mission critical facilities.
The data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution Datacenter Clarity LC™ * provides the appropriate tools and allows you to accurately and efficiently manage your infrastructure based on informed decisions.

General DCIM functions include:

▪ Data collection

▪ Asset, configuration and change

▪ Data reporting

▪ Alarm management

▪ Environmental monitoring/reporting

▪ Power-/cable management

▪ Capacity planning, forecasting, simulation
  and analytics

* Datacenter Clarity LC is a trademark owned and licensed by Maya Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd.

Your benefits:

  • By delivering the right information at the right time the solution ensures the highest level of availability allowing you to make smarter decisions

  • Allows optimized efficiencies by integration information from IT and facility assets

  • Future-proof architecture based on building technology expertise from Siemens and market-proven solutions

  • Higher flexibility, less risks based on an easy-to-integrate solution, modular design and functionality that allows demand-based planning and financing

Further information

Atos IT Services UK Limited

DCIM Datacenter Clarity LC™ at Atos IT Services UK Limited

Brian Parrott, Strategy Manager at Atos, describes the implementation of Siemens' DCIM solution in one of the Atos UK Strategic Data Centres

Datacenter Clarity LC brochure

Optimzied efficiencies and smarter decisions for data centers

Datacenter Clarity LC™ V2.2 helps IT and facility teams improve operating efficiency and asset utilization

Datacenter Clarity LC for colocation owners and tenants

Datacenter Clarity LC™ for colocation owners and tenants

Advanced monitoring, automated billback reporting and SLA management for colocation owners through as well as real-time insights for tenants