Selected references

Here you will find selected references reflectíng our vision

Self-healing grid Stedin

With the self-healing grid solution installed, Stedin will significantly reduce its SAIDI and re-supply most of its customers with power in less than a minute in the event of a power outage.

The energy-efficient University of Genoa

The campus is now generating a cost-efficient and sustainable energy supply to satisfy its needs. It can efficiently manage the energy produced by its power plants by balancing energy generation and loads.

Rheinische NETZGesellschaft mbH

Smart grid expansion – Distributed intelligence ensures a reliable power supply

A smart grid for Wachtendonk, Germany

Ensuring a stable and reliable power supply for the community of Wachtendonk.

Niederstetten’s intelligent grid controller

Intelligence replaces copper – making power grids ready for the future


How distributed power generation works – economically and reliably

Powering Argentina’s largest PVC-Producer

Powering a national champion’s production of PVC and caustic soda in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

A reliable grid can move mountains

Using a custom-configured Siemens control system, the Buenavista del Cobre copper mine of Grupo México was able to achieve a 60% reduction in down time and significant cost savings.

Reliable and consistent power supply

Virginia Hospital has now has a highly reliable power supply backed up by a system that can restore power in less than a second.

Modernizing Brazil’s energy network management system

The solution includes a world-class project architecture with associated resources and the latest-generation hardware platform with redundancy.

Efficient power supply for Dubai

Increased power supply efficiency and reliability for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Improved grid reliability

Hawaiian Electric Company Inc. (HECO) - By taking a smart grid approach, HECO modernized its grid cost efficiently instead of investing in a new infrastructure.

High water quality through comprehensive network control systems

Izmit is now the only municipality in Turkey that manages both its drinking water supply and wastewater treatment with a single integrated control system.

Siemens platform managing North America’s largest transmission grid

PJM now has a scalable shared architecture that can accommodate growth, adapt to new technologies, and facilitate innovation in the wholesale power market.

Smart solutions for Canadian electricity

For end-consumers, the new technology means that they will have more choice about how and when they use their electricity in future as NB Power is able to expand its services.