Siemens Power Academy TD

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As specialists in training and continuing education, Siemens Power Academy TD offers professional training in the fields of power transmision and distribution, the industrial and commercial use of electrical energy, and Smart Grid technology. In more than 25 state-of-the-art training centers worldwide, Siemens Power Academy TD provides access to Siemens' expert knowledge and capabilities. Employing the latest teaching methods and highest-quality content, Siemens' certified trainers provide a superior quality educational experience, so participants acquire practical skills with a focus on retaining these skills long term.

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Primary technology

These courses focus on all primary equipment, covering general information, assembly and installation, operation and maintenance, and engineering training.

Power system operation

We provide theory, practical training for network control centers as well as real-scenario training for participants interested in power system operation.

Power system engineering

This offer is aimed at electrical engineers who want to expand or refresh their expertise in the area of power systems. Additionally, we provide courses for non-technical participants.

Secondary technology

Our secondary technology training includes courses on protection, substation automation, substation information and power quality.

Power system simulation software

In basic or advanced courses participants learn how to make efficient use of the PSS® Product Suite tools for comprehensive power system planning and analyses.

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