SICAM A8000 Series

Wherever energy flows – Operation, telecontrol, and automation in the smallest spaces


RTU – Remote Terminal Unit

SICAM A8000 Series

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    The SICAM A8000 series is a new modular device range for telecontrol and automation applications in all areas of energy supply.
    This device series was developed to fulfill the requirements of a broad field of applications. The most important features are:

    • Suitable for rough ambient conditions thanks to mechanically stable modules and an extended temperature range from -40 to +70 °C.

    • High voltage strength up to 5kV (IEC 60255) for use directly in substations.

    • Fulfills tomorrow’s cyber security requirements with BDEW White Paper conformity, integrated crypto chip and IPSec encryption.

    • Integrated communications interfaces incl. GPRS “on board”.

    • Automation functions (IEC 61131-3), e.g. for controlling a regulated distribution transformer or for load control.

    • Space-saving design with a module width of 30mm (without display for CP)

    • Scalable by combining individual I/O modules.

    • Long product life cycle and high investment security by using standards as IEC 61850.

    The SICAM A8000 series also offers the 3-stage smart functions:

    1. Monitoring: The first stage focuses on the monitoring of stations to enable rapid fault localization and high availability.

    2. Telecontrol: The second stage involves switchgear telecontrol in addition to monitoring, thus minimizing downtime. Thanks to this application, fault isolation and power supply restoration of de-energized network sections are no longer difficult tasks for power supply utilities.

    3. Load flow control: In the third stage, the effects of decentralized power feed-ins are managed via automation. Network losses can be significantly reduced this way.

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