SICAM FSI – Fault Sensor Indicator

SICAM FSI (Fault Sensor Indicator), a fault detection device for MV overhead line networks.


SICAM FSI - Fault Sensor Indicator

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    The guardian for your overhead line networks (3.3 to 66 kV 50/60Hz)
    Utilizing the full range of benefits of distribution automation in overhead line networks requires reliable locating and signaling of earth faults and short circuits in overhead line networks.
    With SICAM FSI (Fault Sensor Indicator), Siemens now offers a fault detection device for MV overhead line networks.

    SICAM FSI is available in 2 versions:

    • 6MD2314-1AB10 - without communication:
      The faults are signaled directly at the device by LEDs. Depending on the fault state, a specific flashing light is generated.

    • 6MD2314-1AB11 - with communication:
      In addition to local LED display, earth faults and short circuits are transferred to a gateway (SICAM FCG) via a secured radio connection. SICAM FCG (Fault Collector Gateway) establishes the connection to a higher-level control center via GPRS and sends the messages to the control center using the standardized telecontrol protocol IEC 60870-5-104 or via XMPP

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