SICAM FCM – Feeder Condition Monitor

Feeder Condition Monitor / Fault Detector


SICAM FCM - Feeder Condition Monitor

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    More transparency in the distribution Network

    The key to continuously improving power supply is essentially in depth knowledge of the relevant conditions of the local network. This is achieved through the use of all available sources connected to the system. Siemens offers a complete portfolio for network monitoring, power quality recording, fault recording, phasor measurement and system software application. Power quality and measurements supports power supply utilities and consumers with solutions required for the precise measurement, recording and reporting of the necessary distribution network data used to continuously determine, adapt and improve the power quality.

    SICAM FCM the finger on the pulse of your distribution Network

    SICAM FCM (Feeder Condition Monitor) is a short circuit and ground fault indicator with direction indication which uses protection algorithms and latest low power sensor technology according to IEC 60044, yielding top results, particularly in isolated or compensated distribution networks.

    SICAM FCM offers comprehensive measured values to monitor the load of distribution network components thus providing accurate data on the network condition. Live values, e.g. of a transformer operated at overload, allow countermeasures to be taken in time such as load shedding or reducing the feedback power in the affected network segment. In order to correctly evaluate the condition of the distribution network, SICAM FCM provides all relevant data via a Modbus RTU interface.

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