SICAM Protocol Test System

Testing and Simulation according to IEC 60870


SICAM Protocol Test System

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    A good standard
    IEC standard protocols employed in modern substation control enable homogeneous, vendor-neutral total solutions and offer optimum investment security for the operator. Even with standardized protocols, the analysis or simulation of the behavior of the employed devices is a daily requirement in the operation and installation of substation control systems. The SICAM Protocol Test System provides this functionality. Simulating individual or several devices simplifies process-es, especially when planning systems. Importing the IEC 61850 standard files enables the user to simulate device behavior and to streamline test and com-missioning procedures. Vendor-neutral, comprehensive analysis features help to resolve errors or faults of individual devices. The SICAM Protocol Test System assists system planners and operators to simplify their daily work and will become an indispensable tool.